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Aug 14, 2020

Audio Drama is my two loves, writing and podcasting, combined in one. Meet Chris Gregory, the creator, Producer and Sound Designer of the Alternative Stories & Fake Realities podcast. As a self-taught musician and writer, Chris used his skills for sound design and music to produce not only his writing, but stories from writers around the world. (I've even been featured too!) His show soon caught the attention of the BBC radio in less than one year. 

I love his podcast for so many reasons, the storytelling and music is brilliantly crafted, he inspired me to be bold enough to create The Last Magician Series, and he is very supportive to the writing community-- he will only feature writers he believes in, regardless of fame or status, which is great for indie writers! 

In this episode, we talk about adding music to stories, even our favorite song lyrics, when we should write sequels to stories (even when fans request them), writing monologues, how he was discovered by the BBC radio, why he chooses folklore stories and music in recent episodes, and staying true to your storytelling so that you're "always in it for the art." 

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