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The Savvy Creative

Original Audio Drama | Interviews with Indie Authors, Filmmakers & Writers 


Mar 26, 2021

Imagine if the Law of Attraction was taught to you at a younger age; how different would your life would be if you felt that the Universe loved you and the world wasn’t a dark place that you may have been conditioned to believe?

Meet Children's Books Author and Illustrator, Dalandra Young, whose Children's Book Series...

Mar 19, 2021

What makes Dystopian fiction eerie is that the post-apocalyptical world is not only possible, but years away from happening. Meet Dystopian Author O.E. Tearmann, a writing duo whose series, Aces High, Jokers Wild brings together a band of misfits and outsiders in a world controlled by big, bad corporations. 

Listen as...

Mar 12, 2021

After looking back over some of our favorite moments, I found some gems that are important to feature, especially today. 

Every episode I ask the guest 2 signature questions, so this episode we want to feature 6 writers and their response about what their definition of success means, and it's not what you think! 


Mar 5, 2021

I can't believe we have 100 episodes already! We've had so many adventures in multiple countries, live events, Audio dramas and more, thank you for being part of the journey! I hope that each episode inspires you to go after the life of freedom, creativity and love! 

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