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The Savvy Creative

Original Audio Drama | Interviews with Indie Authors, Filmmakers & Writers 



Oct 30, 2020

If your parents or grandparents survived a wartime era, escaped a war-torn country, or your family fled as refugees, you may feel the calling to write war scenes- everything from recreating battles, researching historical records, and surviving starvation and scarce resources. 

Meet Linda Ganzini, author of Lilia, the...

Oct 9, 2020

Brilliant Comedy comes from the ability to cross the line- unapolgetically! Meet Lauren LoGiudice, a Comedian and Author whose past year of impersonating FLOTUS has inspired her book and page turning satire, Inside Melania. Through writing her book, she learned how to empathize with characters to perform as them,...

Oct 2, 2020

Meet author Kathrin Hutson, whose dark fantasy, LGTBQ Dystopian writing is flipping common tropes on their heads. Her ability to see the beauty in dark things and appreciate "happily never afters" is so unique, you'll be drawn in fast! 

Listen as we talk about her unique characters and the message behind her stories,...