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The Savvy Creative

Original Audio Drama | Interviews with Indie Authors, Filmmakers & Writers 



Oct 25, 2019

After decades of the feminist movement, women's rights and #MeToo, violence against women has remained constant and steady with nearly 70k+ victims each year. But the violencce is not from random attackers, the violence against women is committed by the partners that promised to love them. The new socially...

Oct 11, 2019

Rose colored glasses kept me from seeing traps that made (almost) fatal mistakes in my writing, business and relationships. I didn't learn how and when to differenciate between the two until I heard two very bold women speak and then it clicked for me. In today's solocast, I want to share the difference between the two...

Oct 4, 2019

After spending years in academia, self-taught filmmaker Dalya Guerin left France for Los Angeles. Now she's finished her fourth film, Calws Out, soon to be out on the festival circuit. Listen in this episode as she shares how being a self-taught filmmaker fueled her passion and ambition for telling dark and powerful...