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Oct 30, 2020

If your parents or grandparents survived a wartime era, escaped a war-torn country, or your family fled as refugees, you may feel the calling to write war scenes- everything from recreating battles, researching historical records, and surviving starvation and scarce resources. 

Meet Linda Ganzini, author of Lilia, the first historical novel from her family saga, named after her mother whose survival of war-torn Europe in WWII will leave you in tears.  In this very emotional episode, we talk about channeling the story, working with international publishers and finding the right contract that's best for the story, helping family members through their past traumas as a healing process, how relatives react when you write about them, and how she made her mother the star of the retirement home. The historical novel of family, love, honor and war is so vivid and breathtaking that you will feel like you traveled back in time! 

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