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Jul 10, 2020

What happens when three friends get together to talk about writing? In this episode, have fun with us as co-host, Zvezdana Rashkovich returns with our guest, award-winning author, Leila Aboulela, 

Listen as Leila shares her journey, starting with leaving Sudan for Scotland with two young children, and how she and Zvezdana revisited their childhood in Sudan. Leila also shares about having her novels critiqued in the academic field and the piracy authors face with their books.

And if you're having trouble writing, reading, or just trying to focus through the pandemic, you may be feeling 'Rona Anxiety' and thinking about priorities differently. If you're writing a novel and thinking, "should I add COVID or not?", then listen as we talk about if and why adding social distancing, masks, and other new regulations will make our writing more realistic or not. There are so many things to talk about here, and it's all FUN with Writing Friends! 

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