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The Savvy Creative

Dec 24, 2020

We could all use some good advice in 2020, listen to 10 of our most listened to guests in 2020 as they answer one of my signature questions in 2020, "what's your best advice to the young writer struggling?" 

This episode features: 

Julie Embleton, New Adult & Fantasy Author 

Kristina Rienzi, New Adult Thriller Author & Life Coach 

Lisa Stardust, Astrologist, Horoscope Writer and contributing writer to Teen Vogue, Hoodwitch and O Magazine 

Sofia Apocada, Founder of Kind Writers

Stephanie Price Buchanan, Romance Author 

Chris Gregory, Writer, Musician and Producer of Audio Drama and Creator of the Alternative Stories & Fake Realities Podcast 

Leila Aboulela, Award Winning Novelist 

Becky Wright, Horror & Paranormal Author and Co-founder of Platform House Publishing 

Ann Charles, Mystery Author  

Lauren LoGiudice, Author and Comedian 

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