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Jul 24, 2020

Meet Historical Romance author, AnneMarie Brear, as we enjoy some throwbacks in this episode to 1997.  Imagine not having Pinterest, using a Writer's Market in the library, or dealing with the stigma of self-publishing back then! She started her author journey with a small publishing company that wanted her to write Contemporary Romance until she found her passion writing Historical Romance, particualrly  in the Victorian and WWI eras. 

Listen now as we talk about how to make research fun by nurturing your love of history, making strong but flawed characters, naming characters in different eras, and how to create a saga with your secondary characters' backstories. As Anne Marie says, "you owe it to your readers to do your research." And she is amazing at world building from a Historical POV (she shared so many gems with us!). Building a different world, or even escaping to one, is a good idea. Especially in 2020. 

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