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May 21, 2021

Meet Chick Lit Author Miranda Oh, the author behind the Chin Up, Tits Out series and now producing her next series, Love My Lady Bits. 

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • Mantra behind her book series, Chin Up, Tits Out series
  • The impact of the lifestyle brand on fans 
  • How her Chick Lit helped male readers 
  • Shenanigans are necessary and build confidence 
  • Finding your village 
  • Making Lists 
  • How battling a Chronic Illness (endrometriosis) changed her perspective
  • Dating with a chronic illness 
  • Finding purpose through self reflection 
  • How motherhood changed her writing process and brand 
  • Finding an ideal group of readers and artists 
  • How being a podcast host helps us as writers

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Instagram: @ohmirandaoh 

Twitter: Ohmirandaoh 

Facebook: Miranda Oh 

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