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Feb 21, 2020

Meet Danielle Durchslag, artist and filmmaker whose short film, Eleanor of Illnois, is reveiwed as "Academy-level film making in 6 minutes." During Awards season, many women filmmakers were snubbed by the Academy, but Danielle stayed determined to not only direct and produce her film, but hired a mostly female crew and she continues to be a strong voice for female artists and filmmakers. 

Listen as we talk about the lack of female recognition in filmmaking and how she produced her film with 99% female crew, WASP influence in the 1% wealth social circles and in media, taking risks as an artist and her latest scupture influenced by Jared and Ivanka called "Forgive Us"

Listen until the end when we both get teary eyed about giving ourselves permission to tell stories and the moment her film debuted on the big screen. If you've dreamed about seeing your work brought to life, hearing this moment will assure you that your story, and all the risks you had to take to tell it, matters. 

Follow Danielle Durchslag; 

Instagram - @ddurch

Twitter - @durcharts

Forgive Us