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Mar 19, 2021

What makes Dystopian fiction eerie is that the post-apocalyptical world is not only possible, but years away from happening. Meet Dystopian Author O.E. Tearmann, a writing duo whose series, Aces High, Jokers Wild brings together a band of misfits and outsiders in a world controlled by big, bad corporations. 

Listen as O.E. Tearmann drops fascinating knowledge about solarpunk writing with her background in botany to understand the world they're creating and the dangers we're facing now. Listen as we talk about: 

  • Writing marginalized characters
  • Working with sensitivity readers 
  • Misconceptions about Doom & Gloom dystopian fiction 
  • How we can focus on making a better world with the following authors & resources: 
  • Defining Resistance Writing 
  • What it means to be a Fighter as writers and in our characters 
  • Writing Climate and/or Solarpunk fiction 

Why Communities can defeat Corporations 

And more! We even get teary eyed in this episode! 

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